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Rucksack gets new and more comfortable strap fixings

I always listen closely to the ever-welcome customer feedback, and most of my customers are more than generous with their thoughts and suggestions (that's a good thing!)

This has helped development of a new fixing detail for the straps on MadeByGrandad rucksacks.  It's not a new invention as you will see similar on many other rucksacks in the marketplace, but it is definitely a little more comfortable to carry than the original MBG method.  You will see in the photos how the bottom strap connection now comes out of the side of the bag rather than the back.  

Fittings are now also in nickel-plated steel rather than the previous synthetics.

Not all the rucksacks currently displayed in the Etsy shop show this new feature as they illustrate earlier orders -  all new orders will be made this new and improved way.  This applies to both flap-top and roll-top rucksacks.

Take a closer look